What is VS points? VS points is a Promotional Loyalty Program only valid at virtualspree.com.

How do I get VS points? At virtualspree.com you gain VS points by purchasing products on promotion. Each promotional product gives you an instant rebate that is credited to your account in the form of VS points. (Most products offer an amount of VSP for instant rebate.)

You can also purchase vs points by entering to our promotional site http://www.cleosviproom.com and be part of our happy winners.

What can I do with VS points? Use your VS points to purchase great eligible products listed under the VS POINTS PRODUCTS category on virtualspree.com.  Your VS points balance grows each time you make a new purchase. Use them immediately or save them up for a future buy.

Log on to virtualspree.com, buy fabulous items and earn VS points for future purchases.

You always get more for your money at virtualspree.com.


Terms and conditions

Obtaining VS points
VS points can be obtained by purchasing goods at virtualspree.com. VS points are awarded to patrons in the form of a promotional rebate which is given on most goods offered on sale at virtualspree.com.

Purchase using VS points
Clients with enough VS points in their current balance could purchase any available product at virtualspree.com under the VS points products category.

To make a new purchase using VS points the client must be logged on in virtualspree.com, select the product(s) under the VS points products category and continue the normal purchasing process. Once you get into the payment section the amount of VS points will be discounted from your VS points balance. The amount of VS points available must be equal to or higher than the price of the product in VS points.

If the amount of the VS points available in the client's balance is higher than the product price, then the excess of VS points will remain in the customer's VS points balance for future purchases.

VS points cannot be traded for hard currency and can only be used to purchase goods from the VS points category found at virtualspree.com.


VS Points balance
Our clients will be able to check their current balance in the VS points balance window and our friendly support team will always be available to assist you.